Club News

No Annual Increase in Club Membership Renewal Fees for 2023 November 1, 2022

Your Board has recently approved the 2023 Budget for our Club and GREAT NEWS… no increase in your annual renewal fee!

The fee will remain at 2022 level of $175.

That is certainly good news in the face of the all the inflation news in the media!  The new-member fee also remains at $500 to join our club.  The 2023 budget is available for your review upon request.

TPMGC Policy Update on Torrey Tournament Awards August 17, 2022

Some of you may have heard that there is an update to our current prize funding process.  The following is a detailed explanation of a major change to this funding…

  • Our 3-year Special Use Permit (SUP) with the City of SD has for many years contained a proviso that prize money won at TPMGC events at Torrey Pines must be spent at the Torrey Pines Golf Shop (TPGS). Neither party has complied with this proviso…but no more!
  •  Beginning September 1 2022, all prize money awarded for Club tournaments at Torrey Pines only, will first be deposited into your member account, and then debited to your account and then credited to the TPGS. You will see the detail in your member account on the website.
  • Away tournaments winnings will continue to be credited to your TPMGC member account and are not affected by this change.
  • The following awards will be sent to the TPGS – all winnings from tournament play excluding skins game. These will continue to be credited to your TPMGC Member Account.
  • The credit will take a few days for TPGS to record once the awards for the tournament are posted, but you will have access to the funds from that point on.  You will not contact the Club for a certificate unless you are using funds that are in your Club Member Account. If you want more funds transferred to TPGS you may request a certificate to be issued using our normal process in the web site.  The Club will not maintain any records for funds sent to, or maintained by, the TPGS. You will need to contact them directly for balances or any issues.   All funds in your Club Member Account as of September 1 2022 remain and are unaffected by this new process. Only winnings on, or after, September 1 flow directly to the TPGS.
  • To access or check your balance held at the TPGS, you will need to contact them directly. Simply go to the counter and give them your name and GHIN # and they can check your records.
  • If you should not renew your Club membership, your funds will still be available at TPGS for you to use at any time.
  • Funds held at TPGS are available at the member 20% discount for the following – all soft apparel purchases such as shirts, hats, shoes, gloves, and golf balls (dozen pack only) plus discounted golf cart rentals at $32! Note: some items are fair-traded and discounts are not allowed by the manufacturer (i.e. Titleist and Ping). You can also use the funds towards golf lessons.
  • This $32 discount on carts is available anytime, not just TPMGC tournament days. We were able to negotiate this as part of this change as a major benefit to our members! On non-tournament days you must identify yourself as a Men’s Club member and you will be asked to verify your GHIN number. Of course, you must have money on the TPGS books in order to obtain the discount.
  • You cannot use the TPGS funds for green fees!

Your contact information at the Torrey Pines Pro Shop is: Susan Casagrnda or Justin Coxsey (858 452 3220 Ext 2370), Customer Support support@TORREYPINESGOLFSTORE.COM, and Justin Coxsey

As I mentioned earlier, this change has always been a requirement of our SUP and we will now be in full compliance with the agreement. . Questions let me know.

Larry Prosi
619 980 3898

Covid Policy Update July 31, 2022

Please be well familiar with the club’s Covid Policy. You can access it using this link: COVID Policy. Specifically, please note that you MUST SUBMIT A POSITIVE TEST RESULT To Larry Prosi, in order to not be penalized if you are canceling out of a  tournament after the posted cancellation date. This was an addendum to our policy in June 2022.

Questions let us know. Your cooperation is appreciated by all club members.

Club COVID Policy Reminder June 14, 2022

To All Members, with the recent significant rise in COVID occurrences, we are experiencing many members having to cancel out of tournaments. The following is a reminder of our Club’s COVID Policy (more details on the website)

  • If you have signed up for a tournament and need to cancel after the late cancelation period, or you will be a no show, you must submit a positive test (home test ok) to Larry Prosi and the respective Tournament Coordinator to avoid any late cancellation or no show penalty
  • You must then wait a minimum of 5 days and then submit a negative test, in order to again be eligible to play in any TP tournament.

Obviously this policy is for the protection of all our members and we appreciate your volunteer cooperation in notifying us immediately. (see COVID Policy for complete details)

May 17 General Club Meeting

Well over 100 club members attended our club meeting at Torrey Pines Golf Range. Before the meeting we had a putting contest with Roger White winning the big bucks among 68 contestants who paid a $3 entry fee. But it wasn’t money wasted since entry included a free Torrey logo golf ball. Our club prez Larry Prosi conducted the meeting and reports from board members detailed status of current issues. In between club business, Bob Hood conducted a raffle of $1000 of merchandise which included certificates for free rounds for local golf courses and merchandise from the Torrey Pro Shop including items with our TPMGC club logo, which will soon be available for purchase on our website.

Ted Cochrane, club member and business owner, graciously supplied pizza for our meeting. Pizza was freshly prepared, plentiful, and absolutely delicious. Wheat and Water. Great pizza! https://wheatand

Pace-of-Play Policy Update May 15, 2022

A new pace-of-play policy has been adopted by our TPMGC Board of Directors. The new policy will be effective on June 1, 2022. See website Pace-of-Play Policy for details —–>>>>

Important Tournament Rules Announcement:

The tournament committee has recently seen two activities that violate the rules of golf and needs to stop immediately.

·     Players must putt out. There are no “gimmie” putts. Even during COVID-19 restrictions you must hole out your putt. Not holing out will cause disqualification from the event.

·     Scores must be confirmed in Golf Genius no more than 15 minutes after the completion of your round. If it takes longer than 15 minutes, or a discrepancy in scoring is noted, you need to contact the Tournament Coordinator (TC) to inform them of the change. Changing a score in Golf Genius after the 15-minute period  without TC knowledge will subject you to disqualification or suspension.

We are aware that other groups may allow one or more of these practices but that’s not Torrey Pines Men’s Golf Club. The only fair way to play is for everyone to play by the established rules.

One additional Comment – Your finish time is now recorded at completion of round by GG. The Club’s current Pace of Play standard is “to finish no more than 15 minutes behind the group in front and take no more than 4 hours and 20 minutes to complete the round.”. Any group exceeding these standards will be contacted by the TC for an explanation.

Scorekeeping on Golf Genius (GG)

Golf Genius replaces scorecards as the official record of your score.  When we used scorecards, once you signed it and left the golf course, you could not change it.  Your score was final.  The same is true with GG.  After completing your round, all members of the foursome should immediately verify their scores on each hole and total scores are correct.  The time you enter your final scores is your official finish time and is used to track pace of play. If you find errors in your Golf Genius scores after initially entering them, you may take time to correct the scores.  This should take no more than 15 minutes. Once you have left the golf course, your score cannot be changed.  If you failed to enter your score for one or more holes, you will be DQ’d.  If you run into any technical problems with entering your scores, you must immediately contact the Tournament Coordinator or another Board Member and explain the problem.

Tournament E-mails

It is important that each golfer read all emails from the Tournament Coordinators as they can contain important information about the tournament you are about to play in including items such as lift, clean and place (or lack thereof).

If you receive a tournament email, that means you signed up for the tournament.  If you did not intend to sign up or if someone else signed you, up don’t ignore these emails.  Cancel your entry.

Share Your Contact Information with Other Members

Our new website has several features that make it a vast improvement over our former website.  One of them is the opportunity for members to better communicate with other members via email or phone.

Each member has the choice of making his contact information visible to other club members.  The default setting for each member is that your email address and phone # is NOT visible to other members.  To make it visible, follow these instructions:

  • Log on
  • Go to “My Account”
  • Click “Edit Info”.  This is where you can indicate your cart preference and check the box that shares your email address and phone number with other members

To find contact info for other members, go to Club Info and Membership Roster to look up the member.  Click on the member you are looking for and if he has decided to make his email/phone visible, you will be able to contact him directly. 

City Resident Cards

You may only renew your card online. If you arrive at the golf course with an expired card, they will not renew it. You will have to pay the non-resident fee. Then once you renew your card, you will be able to request a refund for the difference between the resident and non-resident rate.