Club News

TPMGC COVID-19 Procedure

Any TPMGC member who either has tested positive for COVID-19, or believes they have come in contact with someone who has COVID-19, must follow this procedure:

  • If you test positive and have recently played in a club tournament, you must notify the club immediately; contact Larry Prosi  You must identify and notify anyone you may have come in contact with. The Club will assist in this process
  • If you test positive you must follow the most current SD County Health Dept. Health Orders:  
  • If you believe you have come in contact with someone that has COVID-19, you must follow the SD County Health Orders and advise the club immediately if you recently played in a club tournament.
  • Whether you either have had a positive test, or have come in contact with someone that has, you then are ineligible to play in any club event until you have submitted a negative test result to the club.
  • If you are signed up for an event, you will be removed upon your notification to the club. To avoid being penalized under the club’s late cancellation or no-show club policy, you must present a negative test to be eligible to play  

It is every member’s responsibility to report exposure and/or positive test results if they have been in proximity with other club members. Failure to comply may subject the member to potential disciplinary action under our Code of Conduct 

2020 Club Champion

Eric Sams is our 2020 Club Champion. During the final match, Eric bested Brett Makley on the final hole to win 1-up. In the first flight Steve Chang beat Brandon Richards 5-4. In the 2nd flight Robert Eisen won over Scott White 2-1. In the 3rd flight Nathan Ginoza beat Craig Kean 3-2. All four winners received a plaque commemorating their victories. Eric will represent our club at the SCGA tournament of champions, while the other 3 participated in a playoff to play in the SCGA Net Tournament of Champions where Steve Chang prevailed.

Grand Torrey Cup

The 2nd annual match between our club and the Grand took place in July. The format was BB of Partners Match Play. Each team had 24 players. We played at Torrey South and three days later played at the Grand. Our team fought hard but lost again. The stars of our team were Dan Hendrey and Matthew Regan. Despite the loss, everyone enjoyed the competition and camaraderie and said the experience was fantastic despite the loss. Once the 2021 schedule is finalized, we will inform members of which tournaments can qualify you for the 2021 team.

Senior Championship

Congratulations to Colin Bennett our overall Low Net winner scoring a 131. Colin will represent TPMGC at the annual SCGA Low Net Senior Tournament of Champions. Congratulations to Peter Salmon with a Low Gross of 147. Peter competed in a playoff with the Low Gross Champion from the Weekend Senior Tournament where Ken Kubis prevailed and won the spot in the SCGA Tournament of Champions.
In 2020, we had our inaugural Super Senior Championship for members age 65 and over. The Low Gross was won by our President Roy Burchill and our Low Net winner was Bob Ross. Each received an additional $65 and a plaque commemorating their achievements.

2021 Tournament Schedule

Because of the US Open, our access to Torrey Pines golf courses will be slightly reduced in 2021. Instead of our normal 24 weekday tournaments at Torrey Pines, we will only have 19. The weekend tournament schedule will lose two dates at Torrey Pines. Away tournaments will be added to fill these gaps.

City Resident Cards

You may only renew your card online. If you arrive at the golf course with an expired card, they will not renew it. You will have to pay the non-resident fee. Then once you renew your card, you will be able to request a refund for the difference between the resident and non-resident rate.

Redeeming Tournament Winnings

When you accumulate winnings in your member account, you can redeem them at several golf stores around San Diego County. You may also redeem them for $250 and $500 VISA Gift Cards. There is about a $15 dollar fee for these gift cards.
When requesting winnings from your member account, remember the minimum amount for a prize certificate is $50 (or your balance if it is less). Stores will normally give you a credit or gift card if you don’t spend your entire certificate, so request a certificate for a little more than what you plan to spend.