New Members

To be a member of our club you must be a current resident of San Diego County. Proof of residency will be verified after you submit your application. To get discounted rates for our club tournaments at Torrey Pines Golf Course, members must have a valid and current San Diego City Resident Card. Members who don’t have a Resident Card may play in tournaments at Torrey Pines but will have to pay non-resident green fees.

To qualify for an SD City Resident Card, cardholders must live in or own a residence within the San Diego City Council-defined districts. Instructions for obtaining a City Card can be found online here: San Diego Resident ID Card Requirements and the purchase of a City Card can only be made online on the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation website: Purchase a Resident ID Card

To join our club select the below button for the SCGA membership portal to fill out an application and pay the first-year membership fee of $250. Club membership renewal following the first year of membership is $100 (when filling out membership application it is strongly recommended that the “Auto-renew my Torrey Pines Men’s GC membership annually” box is selected since the selection of this option is only available when the application is submitted or during the yearly renewal process).

After you submit your membership application, look for a confirmation of payment on the screen; in the next few days you should then receive a notice from the Club Membership Chairman formally acknowledging payment and FINAL approval of membership in TPMGC and the SCGA. If you have any questions, email them to Ed Carter, our membership chairman (

Membership Renewal

Members who selected “Auto-renew my Torrey Pines Men’s GC membership annually” in their SCGA membership applications will annually receive SCGA emails informing them that their membership will be automatically renewed. Members who are not currently listed for auto-renewal will also receive SCGA email notices 60, 30, and 7 days prior to your renewal date to inform them that they must manually pay their $100 renewal fee. Membership renewal can be accomplished by selecting the below “Renew Membership” button.

Members who do not renew their membership before their yearly renewal date will be eligible for “late renewal” for a one-year period. During this period, the late-renewal fee will be $150 versus $250 for a new member, however, after one year of membership expiration, the membership fee to rejoin is the same as a new member, $250. A leave of absence may be granted by the board under certain circumstances. Members with leaves of absence may rejoin at the $100 renewal rate (the period for a leave of absence will be determined by the board based on each case).

Select the following button for the SCGA membership portal to renew your membership.