Board of Directors

bio for Roy Burchill

Roy Burchill


bio for Larry Prosi

Larry Prosi


bio for Marc Couillard

Marc Couillard


bio for Brian Dresser

Brian Dresser


bio for Steve Arkin

Steve Arkin

Technology Chairman

bio for Johnnie Donnelly

Johnnie Donnelly

Weekend Chairman

bio for Ed Carter

Ed Carter

Membership Chairman, Webmaster

bio for Bob Hood

Bob Hood

Weekday Chairman

bio for Ruben Huerta

Ruben Huerta

Players Assistant Chairman

bio for Brian Cincotta

Brian Cincotta

Penalty Chairman

bio for Al Allison

Al Allison

Pace-of-Play Chairman, Assistant Membership Chairman

bio for Stephen Shushan

Stephen Shushan

Prize Fund Chairman

bio for John Hoffman

John Hoffman

Rules Chairman

bio for Michael Berg

Michael Berg

Conduct and Governance Chairman

bio for Marc Sorensen

Marc Sorensen

Handicap Chairman, Assistant Tournament Chairman