Tournament Cancellation Policy for Inclement Weather

Last Revision: December 11, 2019

It is the policy that all tournaments will be played as long as the course is open, even if carts are limited to cart paths only. Any cancellation or modification of a tournament due to extraordinary weather conditions will be communicated as soon as a decision is reached.  Members should monitor their emails the night before and the day of the tournament to determine the status.  Members failing to show will be assessed a No Show or Late Cancellation Penalty, to be determined by the committee.

This policy applies to “away” events.  Tournaments held at Torrey Pines are always played unless the course managers determine that the course is closed.

Procedures For Tournament Chairs To Follow In The Event of Inclement Weather

All alternatives should be considered before concluding to cancel an event.  TPMGC’s contracts with the golf courses requires that the club conduct the tournament as long as the course is open.  Therefore, if the Tournament Co-Chairs cancels a tournament without the mutual agreement of the golf course it could result in the club being financially liable to the course.

The Tournament Co-Chairs must be in timely contact with the course representatives as these communications will make the final decision agreeable to both the golf course and TPMGC.  Any decision to cancel should be in writing with the golf course (an email is OK).

The following steps must be taken before cancelling a tournament:

  1. The Tournament Co-Chairs shall monitor the weather leading up to the tournament.  If the forecast is for rain (or other weather-related issues) that may impact the tournament, the course shall be contacted to determine the conditions of play. Conditions may include cart path only, no carts, lift-clean-place, or even cancellation.  These conditions do not include course maintenance issues, for which any concerns should be passed on the Weekend/Weekday Chairman.
  • The Tournament Co-Chairs shall send out an email the day before to the participants indicating these conditions, while reminding the players of the TPMGC cancellation policy.  This email should also include when any subsequent email will be sent following up on these conditions, should they change or be confirmed.
  • If the course condition cannot be determined until the next morning, a Tournament Co-Chair shall go out to the course to determine conditions.  The other Tournament Chair can remain at home to be ready to send an email communicating final conditions of play.
  • If the course is open, but it is raining, then the Tournament Chairs shall make a determination on whether to cancel. Cancelling would only be done if the course agrees not to penalize the club.
  • If the tournament is not cancelled, but heavy rains occur during the tournament, the Tournament Chairs can suspend tournament play.  No tournament fees shall be collected, but green fees will not be refunded unless the course agrees.
  • In the tournament summary report the co-chairs should note their decisions and any written documentation with the golf course attached