Two-Day Tournaments

Beginning Jan 1, 2023, TPMGC began conducting 2-day weekday tournaments at Torrey Pines. Instead of the usual 1-day Thursday tournament, a 2-day tournament consists of two rounds, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday.  Rather than two separate tournaments, the Wed-Thurs rounds are combined into a single competition with flights spanning the two days.  For Torrey North, 128 players comprise the tournament with 64 playing Wed and 64 on Thurs. Tournaments played on Torrey South will have 120 players, 60 each day.

Our club website allows members to sign up for a 2-day tournament and select a day preference.  Day preferences can be:

No-Preference:  if selected, member may be put on either Day-1 or Day-2 tee sheets

Day-1(usually Wed) if selected, member will be put only on the Day-1 tee sheet

Day-2(usually Thurs) if selected, member will be put only on the Day-2 tee sheet

Note 1: to date, the number of players selecting Day-2 greatly outnumber those who select Day-1 or No-Preference.  All members with Day-1 preferences have not been waitlisted, since less than 60 players typically have opted to play on Wed.  Also, the majority of the members who select No-Day-Pref are selected to play on Wed.


Day 1-Preferences: Those with Day-1 preferences not selected for the Day 1 tee sheet will be put on a wait list for Day-1.  They will not be eligible for the Day-2 wait list.

Day-2 Preferences: Those with Day 2 preferences not selected for the Day-2 tee sheet will be put on a wait list for Day-2.  They will not be eligible for the Day-1 wait list.

No Day Preference: Those with no day preferences not selected initially for either Day-1 or Day-2 tees sheets will be put on a wait list for both Day-1 and Day-2. 

Note 2: the wait list on our website is a sequential list of members.  Currently the waitlist doesn’t identify the day preference of each member, however, this info is kept by the tournament coordinators.  When a tee sheet opening becomes available for Day-1, the next member on the tee sheet who has a Day-1 preference of No-Pref will be selected.  Day-2 openings will only be filled by those with Day-2 preferences, however those with no-day-pref can fill either day.

Tournament Tee Times:  In order to facilitate our 2-day tournament using Golf Genius software, tee times for Day-1 will indicate AM hours on tournament scorecards and Day-2 will will have PM hours.  These time designations are not errors, rather they distinguish a Day-1 round from a Day-2 round.

Tournament Flights:  Flights will span Wed and Thurs.  In other words, the number of players in each flight will not be equal for each day.

Tournament Proximity Awards:  Proximity awards will not span the 2 days of the tournament.  Two holes will be competed on Day-1 and two on Day-2.

Tournament Skins:  Skins competition will not span the 2 days of the tournament.  Skins completion will be independent on each day.