Pace- of-Play Policy

Effective 6/1/22 – Last Update on 3/7/23

Pace of play during tournaments is a top priority. The primary reason is it makes golf more fun! Also, Torrey Pines GC and other courses we play require us to play in a reasonable amount of time so we do not interfere with groups behind our tournament. If our club fails to demonstrate good pace of play, it could jeopardize the club’s ability to play tournaments at certain courses including at Torrey Pines. With everyone’s cooperation we can have a more enjoyable round of golf.

Pace of Play Standard

Your TPMGC Board has established a revised Pace of Play Policy that became effective on June 1, 2022.  The club’s Pace of Play standard is that each group shall finish no more than 15 minutes behind the group in front and take no more than the following to complete the round:

  • Early tee times will be required to finish in maximum of 4:10,
  • Middle tee times will be required to finish in maximum of 4:20,
  • Late tee times will be required to finish in maximum of 4:30

To monitor pace of play TPMGC will utilize the Results Reporting function in Golf Genius. TPMGC will then use the timestamp for these emails to approximate the time that the group finished its round.  The Timestamp will then be compared to timestamp of the group ahead to approximate the “Gap” between groups. This Gap time should be no more than 15 minutes behind the group ahead.

As soon as your group completes Hole #18, the scores should be input into Golf Genius and you should hit the submit button. Golf Genius will then send Round Result emails to each member of the group. After you review the scores and compare entries to the paper scorecard, edits can be made and with each edit another round result email will be sent to player whose scores have changed.  The first Round Result email will be the one used to calculate your Pace of Play statistics.

You will receive an email from the TPMGC Pace of Play Coordinator if your Gap is sixteen minutes or greater. Each of the players in the foursome will be assessed one slow play penalty point. If you receive a total of 3 points in a five round stretch you could be subject to further penalties.

Any attempt to enter scores for Hole #18 before the hole is completed will be considered a conduct violation that can result in fines and suspension of playing privileges.

It is therefore important for each group to promptly enter scores into Golf Genius at the completion of each hole and especially at Hole #18.  If you have an unexpected problem entering your scores, such as a phone connection or Golf Genius malfunction, it is your responsibility to inform the Tournament Coordinator as soon as possible.

Failure to properly and promptly enter scores into Golf Genius may result in disqualification. Entry of scores must be completed before leaving the course. Time stamp analysis data will be used to identify groups that do not meet the Club’s Pace of Play standard. TPMGC course Marshals will also note groups lagging behind the group ahead and efforts made to “catch-up”. Pace of Play data for the entire field will be published along with the tournament results.

It is also understood that the condition of the course, delayed actual tee off time, and errant shot on the later holes may impact the total time needed to complete the round and the GAP calculation so the Board may adjust the GAP standard if warranted but the assumption while playing is that the GAP should not be more than 15 minutes.

Events such as Scrambles that do not require individual scores and Shotgun events will not calculate Gap time for each foursome, but pace of play remains important in those events and may be monitored by alternate means.

Pace of Play Penalties

All players in a group which finishes 20 or more minutes behind the preceding group will be subject to a $15 fine to be taken from their account. Each player in the group is subject to a two-point assessment on their POP record.

All players in a group which finishes 16-19 minutes behind the preceding group will be subject to a one-point assessment on their POP record.

A player who accumulates a total of three or more points in their most recent five rounds will be subject to further penalties from the POP committee. These penalties can include further monetary fines, tee times restricted to the later times of a tournament, tournament suspension, and other penalties to be determined by the POP committee.

The Appeal Process is defined as follows…

  • 20 minute or over penalty – Players noticed by the POP Committee have 24 hours to appeal. If no response, then the point/fine penalty stands. If not sufficient funds in account, and they are notified with response that appeal denied (or if no appeal) and must fund the $15. Player ineligible to play until they do so.
  • For the 16 to 19 group – they are notified of the penalty, have 24 hours to appeal. If no appeal, penalty stands. A response is sent advising them no appeal granted (or requested)..
  • The player than can only appeal the 3rd point received in a five-event sequence.
  • Appeal to be submitted to the TPMGC President within 24 hours of notification for final determination. Once appeal period has passed or appeal is made TPMGC President determines outcome (48 hours), penalty stands. This timeframe shouldn’t disrupt any subsequent tournament the player is entered into.

Improving Pace of Play

It is the responsibility of every player in a group to practice and encourage “ready golf” and   to be aware of their position on the course. If you are teeing off on par 4 or 5 and the group in front has already cleared the green then you need to pick up the pace. If you are teeing off on a par 3 and the group in front has already hit their tee shots on the next hole, then you need to pick up the pace  to maintain a good pace of play:

  • Be at the #1 tee box at least 10 minutes before your actual tee time.
  • Play ready golf on the tee box and in the fairway.
  • In the fairway move quickly to your ball and think of what club to use before getting there.
  • If you are playing a hole that is cart path only, estimate your yardage to the green from the cart and take 3-4 clubs with you to your ball to allow for over/underestimation,
  • If you look for a lost ball, know when three minutes has elapsed.
  • If you just hit a well struck 180 yard drive and you are 200 yards to the green, it’s pretty safe that you can hit your second shot before the group in front leaves the green. Be realistic with your game.
  • If you are in a cart, while one player is hitting, the other player should be at their ball ready to hit.
  • When you get on the green, start figuring out your putt. Don’t wait until it is your turn to do this.
  • On the green, putt out if it doesn’t interfere with another player’s line. When you finish, head to the next tee and hit. Don’t wait until all players have putted out to go to the next tee.
  • Don’t hesitate to inform others in your foursome that your group is lagging and each of you must pick up the pace.
  • If you feel that a member of your group is not cooperating with pace of play efforts, you should talk with them first.  If that does not help, then you should inform the Tournament Coordinator.
  • If you are behind the group in front of yours, you should try to catch up, even if your pace of play is currently good.
  • The Course Marshals are volunteer Club Members who are there to assist with the Pace of Play. Any verbal or other abuse directed at our Course Marshals will not be tolerated and can result in penalties. The Marshals will have a Pace of Play worksheet known as a “Raguzzi Chart” that will show each group’s expected clock time at each tee.

Below are things we have heard from groups with late POP times. These are not acceptable for waiving POP penalties,

The group in front of me were all single digit golfers. We are not, so it took longer (the golf shop/city admins don’t care).

We were walking. The group in front of us was all riding in carts (if you’re going to walk, keep up. If you can’t keep up, you shouldn’t be walking). The group in front of us was a threesome. We were a foursome. We looked for a lot of golf balls. We didn’t hold up the group behind us.

We were keeping up until the last one, two, or three holes when the group in front of us just took off.

One player in our foursome was really slow.  If this happens and there is an open hole in front of you, you can split up into 2-somes and that will speed up play allowing the lagging player to catch up. Should they fall even further behind, they will need to skip a hole and get back in position.  Text the tournament director once you finish out and wait for your entire 4-some to finish up to enter/finalize scores into Golf Genius. 

A difference of greater than 15 minutes from your first completed score on number 18 and final “corrected” score.

The player that was keeping track of Golf Genius for our group didn’t know what they were doing.  When in doubt reconcile the nine-hole GG entries with paper scorecard at the turn.  If there are problems with Golf Genius, text a picture of the paper score card to the tournament director upon completion of the round (this will serve as the round completed time stamp) and then sort out the gg entries for the back nine.