TPMGC will be transitioning to a new club website on 1 December 2020. The new site will provide a greatly improved presentation along with some new functions and the functions you have been accustomed to using. We will provide some more details and instructions on the new site soon, but at this time we have to explain some impacts on your use of the current website.

In order to transition all of the information on the current website to the new one, we will need to stop all changes on the evening of 25 November. That means you will need to do any tournament signups or cancels prior to 6 pm on 25 November 2020. Tee sheets and any other updates will be distributed via email from 25 November until the new site is operational on 1 December.

Also, if you would like to request any prize certificates or gift cards, you must submit those prior to 6 pm on 25 November.

For the next few tournaments, here are the specific dates:

  • 3 Dec at Sycuan: Signup ends on 20 November, Cancellation period ends on 11/25
  • 10 Dec at Torrey South: Signup ends on 11/25, Cancellation period will be 1 to 4 December
  • 13 Dec at Torrey North: Signup ends on 11/25, Cancellation period will be 1 to 9 December
  • 14 Dec at Vista Valley CC: Signup ends on 11/25, Cancellation period will be 1 to 6 December
  • 30 Dec at Balboa will have signups on the new website starting 4 December.
  • Posted by jdonnelly::11/20/2020

    Please congratulate Eric Sams as our new Club Champion. With the semi and final rounds on Sunday Eric bested Brett Makley on the final hole to win 1-up.
  • In the first flight Steve Chang beat Brandon Richards 5-4.
  • In the 2nd flight Robert Eisen won over Scott White 2-1.
  • In the 3rd flight Nathan Ginoza beat Craig Kean 3-2.
  • All four winners will recieve a plaque commemorating their victories. Eric now goes on to the SCGA tournament of champions, while the other 3 playoff in our TOCC event in October for the SCGA Net ToC.
    • And thank-you to the 140 members who played in this event as you made this one to remember.
  • Posted by jdonnelly::08/23/2020

    Grand Torrey Cup
    The 2nd annual match between our club and the Grand took place last week. The format was BB of Partners Match Play. Each team had 24 players. We played at Torrey South and three days later played at the Grand. Our team fought hard but lost again. The stars of our team were Dan Hendrey and Matthew Regan. Despite the loss, everyone enjoyed the competition and camaraderie and said the experience was fantastic despite the loss. Once the 2021 schedule is finalized we will inform members of which tournaments can qualify you for the 2021 team.
    Posted by rburchill::07/31/2020

    Senior Championship Results
    Congratulations to Colin Bennett our overall Low Net winner scoring a 131. Colin will be representing TPMGC at the annual SCGA Low Net Senior Tournament of Champions. Congratulations to Peter Salmon with a Low Gross of 147. Peter will compete in a playoff with the Low Gross Champion from the Weekend Senior Tournament for a spot in the SCGA Tournament of Champions. We are pleased to announce a new award Super Senior (65 and over) Low Gross to our President Roy Burchill and our Low Net winner to Bob Ross. Each will be receiving an additional $65 and a plaque commemorating their achievements. Also congratulations to all Low Gross and Low Net Flight winners. They are listed on the results page on our website.
    Posted by bhood::07/02/2020

    Bunker Play in TPMGC Events
    As long as bunker rakes are not provided, play your bunker shots as follows. Use preferred lies for all bunker shots whether or not the ball is in an unmaintained area of the bunker. For all bunker shots, you may pick up your ball and place it within one club length without smoothing the sand.
    Posted by rburchill::05/20/2020

    Playing Handicaps for TPMGC Events
    The World Handicap System (WHS) which was implemented on 1/1/20 has a different process for determining players' handicaps for our tournaments. First your Course Handicap is determined based on your index and the course's difficulty. Next, Handicap Allowances are calculated. They are designed to provide equity for players of all levels of ability in each format of play. Handicap Allowances are applied to the Course Handicap as a final step in calculating a player's Playing Handicap. Your Playing Handicap is the number subtracted from your gross score to determine your net score. For individual events, your Playing Handicap will be 95% of your Course Handicap. For better ball of partner events, each person's Playing Handicap will be 85% of your Course Handicap. There will no longer be a handicap adjustment when the difference between team members' handicaps is greater than 8 strokes.
    Posted by rburchill::05/20/2020

    City Resident Card Renewals
    This is very important. Be sure and check your City Resident card, many members are finding their card expired over the last couple of months, and it needs to be renewed. You can no longer renew your card at any of the City courses, it must be renewed online. To do this go to the reserve Tee time website for the City. Click on my account, open it up, and check your expiration date. Or try to log in to make a tee time if you receive a message "you are not authorized to visit this site" your card has expired. If you fail to renew and show up to play at Torrey you will be charged the nonresident rate and will have 90 days to return with your renewed card to receive a refund less the local rate. If you have any questions or difficulty call Torrey Pines office 858 581-7171.
    Posted by bhood::05/08/2020

    $250 VISA Gift Cards
    Since 2016, almost 200 members have used winnings in their prize fund to obtain a $500 Visa Gift Card. Because of the success of this program, $250 Visa Gift Cards are also available as an option for using your prize fund. The cost including fees for a $250 VISA Gift Card is $265.41.
    Posted by rburchill::03/07/2020

    $50 is Minimum Prize Fund Certificate
    When requesting winnings from your prize fund, remember the minimum amount for a prize certificate is $50 (or your balance if it is less). Stores will normally give you a credit or gift card if you don’t spend your entire certificate, so request a certificate for a little more than what you plan to spend.
    Posted by rburchill::11/18/2019

    New Authorized Store For Using Prize Fund Winnings
    The Carlsbad Golf Mart has been added to the list of Authorized Stores for members to redeem their winnings. This was formerly the Carlsbad Golf Center.
    Posted by rburchill::11/18/2019