The 2018 Tournament Calendars are now available on this website. The Weekday calendar is available in the normal way (continue down from 2017). Some of the dates after April are placeholders and will be updated soon.

The 2018 Weekend calendar is available by clicking here
Posted by mdhillon::12/10/2017

As most of you know, we have been using a link to TM CLub (or Golf Genius) to do signups for weekend tournaments for the last 3 months of 2017. Although there are many excellent features in the system, this experience has shown that we have to improve our process. While we work on that, we have decided to return to the traditional signup method for at least the first quarter of 2018. We will change the link to show the Weekend schedule soon. Meanwhile, you can go to the 2018 Weekend schedule via the link in the prior note.
Posted by sarkin::12/10/2017

The Annual Fall General Membership meeting was held November 20, 2017 at Riverwalk Golf Course. Attendance was the largest in years. For those of you that missed the meeting, you really missed out! Besides the free food and drinks, there was a presentation by Peter Ripa from the Century Club talking about volunteer opportunities for the upcoming Farmer’s Invitational at Torrey Pines, a presentation by Board Member Bill Riordan talking about the new sign-up system, discussion about the potential new design at Mission Bay Golf Course, discussion about the new membership fees for County members and the always terrific raffle. The evening concluded with the election. Congratulations to the following members who were voted on as Board Members for a 2 year term: Steve Arkin Michael Berg Peter Born Roy Burchill Brian Cincotta Brian Dresser John Hoffman Bob Hood Please plan to attend the Annual Spring meeting to be held at the driving range at the Torrey Pines Golf Course. The date will be announced in an upcoming newsletter. A heartfelt thank you to your Board Members for making the evening most successful.
Posted by lprosi::12/02/2017

Renewal Fees
There have been inquiries as to the reasoning for the rates of the renewal fees this year: City renewals pay $100.00, County renewals pay $200.00 and all New Members pay $250.00. Of the renewal fee, $36.00 immediately goes to the SCGA of which we have no control over. $10.00 per member is given to the City per our Special Use Permit. That money is used by the course for upkeep, such as ball washers, flagsticks, rakes, etc. That leaves a balance of $54.00 to cover Club tournaments, charitable donations and Club maintenance, such as the website, plaques, etc. No Board member is paid any stipend whatsoever. As a Board, we believe that the $100.00 City renewal is well within the rates charged by most other Clubs, if not lower. As for the County renewal increase, the Board previously voted in a new policy regarding a cap on County membership. We have restricted the membership for County residents to 350 members. PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT apply to the current county members. Only for new county members applying for membership. As we are already over the 350 limit we set, we have established a wait list for new county members applying. It has only been a month and there are already 15 people signed up on the wait list. Only when the number of our current county members drops below 350 will we take on new county members. This does NOT affect city members applying for membership as at this time there is no restriction on the number of City resident members we are taking. Why have we taken this action? Because our club membership is approaching 1,400+ members and all of our Torrey Pines weekday and weekend events are now over-subscribed. Obviously, not everyone signs up to play each event. However, enough members are signing up to play that the wait lists are continuing to increase. The Board has met numerous times to come up with ideas that are fair to the membership and attempting to maximize play for all. In this regard, we are reminded that although we have both County of San Diego and City of San Diego members, we are first and foremost a City of San Diego golf course and Men's Club. Individuals living outside the County of San Diego are not allowed to join. As you might recall, approximately 10 years ago, the Men's Club was in litigation with the City of San Diego over the right to maintain a Men's Club with access to the course and tee times. As part of the settlement of the lawsuit, we negotiated the right to have County members pay a City resident rate whether or not the individual had a City Resident card. The City has allowed that practice to continue despite the end of the term of our settlement. We are doing our best to maintain the status quo with regard to County membership. As opposed to eliminating County members completely, as a trade-off, the Board believes that there is ample justification for County members to pay a higher membership rate than City members. Since the cost of playing a round of golf at Torrey Pines can exceed $200.00, even with a $200.00 membership fee it is still a major bargain for County members to belong.
Posted by mberg::10/25/2017

The 2018 TPMGC renewal window will open November 1st...please follow the instructions under MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION.
Posted by lprosi::10/25/2017

Range Balls
TPMGC Members: The cost for balls from the machine at the Torrey Pines driving range has increased to $8 for a small bucket. One benefit of membership in the TPMGC is that you can get a small bucket of balls for the discounted price of $4. In order to get that price, you will need to go to the Pro Shop and pay for a one time code for the ball machine before going to the range.
Posted by mberg::10/21/2017

As mentioned in the club newsletter, TM club will be the TPMGCs’ tournament management system for 2018. TM club has already been used at weekend tournaments beginning in May, including the successful use of the on-course scoring mobile App during the club championship.

The link to weekend schedule and results on the current TPMGC web page has been changed. It now links to TM club for access to weekend tournament schedules, tournament sign-ups, tee times and results.

To see the September event, select the gear in the upper right and then select dashboard. On the next screen select the September event portal.

For the remaining 2017 weekend tournament schedule, sign-up, tee times, and results will be available on the tournament portal. The TM club app will allow on course scoring and monitoring of the leaderboard.

The TMClub member portal links: For September Event: Click Here

For 2017 Events October, November December: Click Here

The platform is intuitive and we are all going through a learning curve on this new cloud platform, please email me with any questions you have with the new platform.
Posted by briordan::09/07/2017

Recently many of you have inquired about a TPMGC Club Card. This is a new program started by the City for all members of the TPMGC (City or County). Essentially, it is an "ID" card, issued free of charge to any active TPMGC member. Its SOLE purpose is to expedite the check in process at Torrey Pines or Balboa GC. When you are checking in for a TPMGC event, simply show the card and they will scan it, and then charge you the city resident rate green fee. You can only get this card at the course at the Management Office's. You DO NOT need this card if you already have a City of SD Resident card. NOTE: This card is NOT valid for any NON TPMGC events or for public play.
Posted by lprosi::08/17/2017

TPMGC Adopts Local Rule Pertaining to Accidental Movement of the Ball on the Putting Green
When a player’s ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent, or any of their caddies or equipment. The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced as provided in Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1. This Local Rule applies only when the player’s ball or ball-marker lies on the putting green and any movement is accidental.
Posted by jhoffman::06/29/2017

Natural Areas Are Now Playable on North Course
When we are playing the North Course all Natural Areas (not flower beds) are now playable. We no longer will be taking a drop outside the Natural Areas. If your ball or swing is obstructed by a plant or other obstruction take a FREE DROP, one club length from the obstruction, no closer to the hole. Your ball must be played from the NATURAL AREA.
Posted by bhood::06/25/2017