Recently many of you have inquired about a TPMGC Club Card. This is a new program started by the City for all members of the TPMGC (City or County). Essentially, it is an "ID" card, issued free of charge to any active TPMGC member. Its SOLE purpose is to expedite the check in process at Torrey Pines or Balboa GC. When you are checking in for a TPMGC event, simply show the card and they will scan it, and then charge you the city resident rate green fee. You can only get this card at the course at the Management Office's. You DO NOT need this card if you already have a City of SD Resident card. NOTE: This card is NOT valid for any NON TPMGC events or for public play.
Posted by lprosi::08/17/2017

Board meeting
Please note: The regularly scheduled monthly Board of Directors meeting is Tuesday, August 15th. 6:30 p.m. at the Carmel Valley Community Center.
Posted by mberg::08/14/2017

TPMGC Adopts Local Rule Pertaining to Accidental Movement of the Ball on the Putting Green
When a player’s ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent, or any of their caddies or equipment. The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced as provided in Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1. This Local Rule applies only when the player’s ball or ball-marker lies on the putting green and any movement is accidental.
Posted by jhoffman::06/29/2017

Natural Areas Are Now Playable on North Course
When we are playing the North Course all Natural Areas (not flower beds) are now playable. We no longer will be taking a drop outside the Natural Areas. If your ball or swing is obstructed by a plant or other obstruction take a FREE DROP, one club length from the obstruction, no closer to the hole. Your ball must be played from the NATURAL AREA.
Posted by bhood::06/25/2017

To All TPMGC Members When you join or renew your membership in the TPMGC, you enter some personal information that is stored in the GHIN data base of members. We frequently use this information to communicate with members and to select players to participate in tournaments. For example, we use email to contact the players for every tournament. Another example is your birth date. We use that date to confirm your age for participation in a Senior Championship, such as the upcoming 1 June event. We have noticed problems with data for a few members. This includes missing or incorrect birth dates. This may cause us to exclude you from a tournament. If you have any concerns about the accuracy of your information, please got to your Profile at or you can check with our Membership Chairman, Larry Prosi, for assistance. We have also had some members who have told us they were not receiving our emails. These emails could come from any Board Member or from a program we use such as TPP Online. These emails are important for our members for several reasons. For example, they confirm your entry into tournaments as well as your cancellation if you do that. If you have an anti-spam or anti-junk mail system in place, it may file these emails in a folder or may reject them altogether. It is your responsibility to receive these emails. If you suspect you have this issue and need help adjusting your computer or email server settings to receive these emails, you can contact our Technology Chairman, Steve Arkin for assistance.
Posted by lprosi::05/22/2017

All TPMGC Members A longstanding Board Tournament Policy has been that you must have been an ACTIVE MEMBER in the club as of January 1 2017. The following are considered Board Tournaments for 2017: TPMGC Club Championship TPMGC Senior Club Championship TPMGC SCGA Better Ball of Partners Weekend Qualifier TPMGC SCGA Better Ball of Partners Weekday Qualifier Weekend Turkey Shoot Weekday Turkey Shoot Weekend SCGA Net Qualifier Weekday SCGA Net Qualifier Note that there may be additional requirements for certain tournaments – please check the tournament description before signing up.
Posted by lprosi::05/22/2017

To all TPMGC Members We have implemented a new option for the Prize Fund. For those with high balances, we now offer a $500 Gift Card. The total cost is $515.90 (card fee + shipping fee). Email the Prize Fund Chairman with your request and make sure to provide a current mailing address. P.O. boxes are not accepted. You must have a printer! After you submit your request, you will receive an email with an attachment ($515.90 prize certificate). You must print, sign, and return the certificate to the Prize Fund Chairman within two weeks either by email (preferred method) or by regular mail (slower method). If you do not return the signed certificate within two weeks, your request will be cancelled and your account will be credited back $515.90. When the Prize Fund Chairman receives the signed certificate, he will purchase your Gift Card and it will be mailed directly to you. Delivery takes 4-7 business days. Rob Mills, Prize Fund Chairman
Posted by lprosi::02/10/2017

Marshalls needed for 2017 Torrey Pines Tournaments
Hi TPMC members, I am Gary Paluso, the new Player Assistant Chairman. Player Assistants are needed to help monitor and assist with the pace of play in TPMGC tournaments on TP North and South. One assistant is needed for the early shift 8:00-11:00 and later shift 11:30-2:30. The player assistant gets priority to play on the day they assist or can chose to save their priority to play another TPMGC Torrey event. Your help is imperative as Torrey Pines requires us to have monitors in order to keep up the pace of play. Let me know if you have an interest. Best Regards Gary Paluso - email cell 858 922-8267.
Posted by bhood::02/08/2017

New Slow Play Policy
Fellow Members: Slow play has been an ongoing problem at many of our tournaments. We have been collecting data for six months from time clocks to identify which members actually play slow. At its July meeting, the Board decided to take action regarding slow play. The Board decided that stroke penalties are not a feasible solution as we would need several on-course referees to make those decisions. That would require a large number of volunteers who would be placed in an uncomfortable position to potentially penalize fellow members. How We Identify Slow Players Every group should keep up with the group just ahead. Slow players are identified based on how many minutes they finish their round after the foursome in front of them completes their round. Each of us occasionally has a bad round where we lose balls and fall behind. Our intent is to identify members who have repeated occurrences of slow play. A member whose group finishes 15 or more minutes behind the immediately preceding group 3 or more times is designated as a Slow Player. These occurrences need not be consecutive. Slow Players will receive an email from the Board President notifying them of their designation. Slow Play Consequences – Torrey Pines Tournaments A point system is currently used to prioritize who plays in oversubscribed weekday tournaments at Torrey Pines. It has been amended to give designated Slow Players the second lowest priority to play in Torrey tournaments ahead of only No Shows from prior tournaments. Slow Play Consequences – Away Tournaments Slow Players (and any others that sign up in the same foursome) will receive tee times near the end of the field. Removal of Slow Player Designation Upon sustained improvement in pace of play by the member, the Tournament Committee at its discretion removes the Slow Player designation. The player is notified by the Tournament Committee. Repeat Offenders Members previously identified as slow players who improved their pace of play will receive a Slow Player designation if they finish 15 or more minutes behind the prior group 2 or more times. Slow Players Who Take No Action to Improve Pace of Play The Tournament Committee at its discretion may suspend players from one or more tournaments. Using Time Clocks On the 1st tee, insert scorecard in the time clock, and stamp the back of the card after the final person has teed off. UPON COMPLETION OF THE 18TH HOLE BY YOUR ENTIRE GROUP insert scorecard in the time clock after the last member has holed out. Then add the scores and have each member sign it. Those who fail to use the time clocks consistent with this process will be disqualified from the tournament.
Posted by bhood::02/04/2017

Higher Handicap Players will play from Forward Tees at Torrey Pines
For Weekday Tournaments at Torrey Pines North and South.We have experimented with moving higher handicap players (20-21+) to the forward tees (Red) on South and (Gold) on North. The feed back has been very positive, making rounds more enjoyable, and the pace of play has improved significantly. We will continue this policy for the low net tournaments scheduled at Torrey Pines for 2017.
Posted by bhood::02/04/2017