Upload Results to Website Examples

Board Members who prepare tournament results:

I thought I would share the format of the files I use to upload tournament results and provide a couple of tips.  And explain why I sometimes ask for more or different information with the results.

There are several different tournament formats that require modified versions of the upload file.  This example is the simplest one.

Also, we expect to replace this process sometime soon.  But in the meantime, here is what I just used for the 4 August tournament.

  1. The first attachment is the results file for the regular individual low net tournament.
    • This is a CSV format file, so if you include any commas in fields, I have to remove them.
    • Note that the critical field is the GHIN.  The name can be anything, because the system looks up and fills in the name based on the GHIN.
    • So it is necessary to have the GHIN in its own field.  If you include it with other info, like the name, I have to break it out.  So better to not do that.
    • Note that the Proximity awards use the same format for the name and GHIN.  I know the markers often have poor writing and no GHIN, but I need the GHIN.
  2. The second attachment is the second attachment is the results file for the Skins.
    • Also a CSV file and also has to have the GHIN
    • As you can see, I need to list all the skins players including those who did not win anything. This is because all players on the list will be charged the $10 skin fee.
    • I also need to break out the list by which flight they were in. This is because the Golf Genius results only list the skin winners by flight. So I have to hunt down the right winners to include their correct prizes. It makes it easier and displays better if I list the players by flight.

In both of these formats and several others, the way the results are displayed on the website looks a little different that we would like.  Sometimes we have to mess around a bit to get the results to appear.  The most important part is to get the prizes and tournament fees charged correctly.  In order to display the results in full detail, we include them as a table in the “Extra Results” field of the Tournament Post.  We also include the Pace of Play report there.

 Steve Arkin