Player Assistants are needed to help monitor and assist with the pace of play in TPMGC tournaments held at Torrey Pines golf course.  The club needs your help and this is a good way to participate in a club activity.        We ask each new Player Assistant to ride along with one of our experienced Marshal for instructions in guiding our Tournaments, providing continuity in our efforts in controlling POP.


  • The club encourages all the players to practice and monitor each other to follow pace of play policies during tournaments. The Player Assistant volunteer marshals the entire field during a tournament at Torrey Pines.
  • The Player Assistant rides the course in a cart that is provided, usually by the Pro shop. As a marshal, you will be observing the field and will approach groups that fall behind. You will approach the group with politeness, especially the public players.
    • You may ask them if they are having trouble and let them know directly that they are a hole behind and that they must catch up. Players usually respond in a positive manner and promise to catch up to the group ahead of them. Thank them and tell them you’ll return to see how they are doing. Make a note of the group, get their start time.
    • You assist them by helping to find a ball, fill in a divot, if needed, and monitor three minutes for searching for a player’s golf ball.
  • Ask players to go to the next tee box and tee off, and not wait for the last player to putt out. There should be no more than two players on the green when the last player putts out.
    • Sometimes a group will flag you down and complain about the group ahead of them. Thank them for the info and tell them you will go and investigate.
  • The TPMGC Board tracks problem players and email them a warning if they are consistently slow.


2023 Weekday (Wed and Thurs) Schedule: One assistant is needed for the first shift 9:00-1:00 pm for each day.

2023 Weekend: One assistant is needed for the first shift 9:00-1:00 pm and another for the later shift, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm (arrive at 12:30 pm to coordinate with the first shift volunteer).