We had 185 players sign up for this Tournament, but only have 124 slots, the wait list is very long. Selections were made using the random drawing priority we normally use. All members including those on the waitlist for May 3rd had the same priority. You can be on both wait lists simultaneously, but, should you get placed on one of the tee sheets you will be removed from the other.

Torrey management has established their reopening policies. One you’ll notice on this tee sheet is that the space between tee times is now 10 minutes for both courses. Social distancing is extremely important to keep the virus from spreading, therefore, please tee off at your assigned time. Face masks may be required, further information will be sent out.

Be prepared to walk the course. We have confirmed that carts will not be available only for ADA disabled (must have proof). Also Greens were punched and sanded 04-25-26.
The greens will still be recovering. The cancellation deadline has been extended to Friday May 1, 6 PM. You must go to the club’s website to cancel.

Please continue to check your email and tee sheet for further updates.

Bob Hood Tournament Chairman