Must be age 55  as of June 19 and played in at least 3 club tournaments .

Round 2 is on TP South  NO SIGNUP

Flights 2 and 3 play on consecutive Wednesdays.

Flights 1 and 4 play on consecutive Thursdays with exception of some members playing in flights 2 and 3 filling open spots for Thursday

Indexes from 7.3 to approximately 11.9  play white tees    Wednesdays   June 19 and 26  Flight 2

Indexes from Approximately 12.0 to 18.0 play white tees   Wednesdays   June 19 and 26 Flight 3

Indexes from Approximately <7.3 will play Green/White Combo tees for this tournament  Flight 1

Indexes from Approximately >18.0 will play for Yellow Tees Flight 4

For round 2, we will be pairing you based on your Round 1 score. Requests for early, middle or late tee times will not be taken into consideration for Round 2.

All playing course  handicaps will be determined  from the previous indexes used for  1st round on June 19,20.