This will be a prepaid event.  You will need a minimum of $80 in your member account.  Total fees are $65 including cart and range balls and $15 tournament entry fee. Please check your account and add funds to cover this cost if necessary.

Individual tee times.  Low net / Low gross awards.  4 Flights 1st flight will play Middle Tees (Blue 6610 yds) Flights 2-3  Regular Tees (White 6280 yds)  4th Flight Forward Tees (Green 5704 yds).

The Priority system will be in effect for all oversubscribed away events.  First priority will be for County members, 2nd priority will be for City of San Diego residents who did not play in the Golf Club of California tournament on 2-18.  Remainder of the signups will be randomly chosen for the open tee times, or wait list.