This is the club championship for the club’s best players. Indexes of (approx) 3.0 or less will play in low gross flight and play at scratch. Three handicapped flights will play at net. Low index last 12 mo. is used for indexed flights. You can ask to play in low gross, with agreement from the Tournament Chair.

DO NOT ENTER if you cannot play on any of the 4 days. Failure to play as assigned may cause you to be subject to a no show penalty.

You must be a club member since 9/1/2020 and played in 3 Men’s Club tournaments.

Tournament consists;

Sep 18th – 7 AM shotgun start – one day qualifier by flight. Low 16 per flight qualify. TPS.

This event will also include a gross skins game.

Sep 19th – match play round 1. TPN

Sep 25th – match play round 2. TPN

Sep 26th – match play round 3 and 4. TPN.

Low gross winner is Club Champion and can play in SCGA TOCC in December if your index is 2.2 or below. Low net winners will play off in early October to play in SCGA TOCC. All entrants to the SCGA TOCC have their entry fees paid, and receive plaques.