COURSE MAINTENANCE IS SCHEDULED FOR MAY 12-13. Note: Cancellation date 5/13 at 6:00pm. This is a two person Shamble. 1 The Universal Rules Apply 2. This is a 2-player team event 3. Event handicaps will be calculated using the USGA recommended allowances: Men: 85% of full course handicap, Tea Pick the best drive. Balls may be lifted, cleaned and placed within one club length of the selected ball. Each player will hit a ball from that spot. 5. After the second shot is hit, each player plays his own ball until holed out and plays the ball as it lies through the green 6. One score card will be kept for each twosome or foursome 7. Select the best NET score of the twosome for each hole and record in the space provided on the card 8. At the end of the round total the best ball NET scores. Record the result in the space provided on the card compare with Golf Genius which will be the official scorecard. 9. YOU MUST USE 5 TEE SHOTS FROM EACH PLAYER