ATTENTION: TPMGC Members who Volunteer for the 2023 Farmer’s Open (Jan 25-28)

In 2023, we will track hours that our club members spend volunteering at certain golf-oriented activities designed to “grow the game of golf” in SD County.  We will start with the Farmers Insurance Open by asking those of you who volunteer at the Farmers Insurance Open to complete the following information for each day that you volunteer.  Please indicate your hours from the time that you got on the bus at the volunteer parking lot or got dropped off at the course and finish when you were dropped off at the parking lot or picked up at the course.

TPMGC Member Hours Supporting the 2023 Farmer’s Open

Member NameMember GHINDate of Service# of Hours (nearest tenth)Volunteer Task

Please send your completed table to Al Allison  Al will be assisting your Board as the 2023 TPMGC Volunteer Coordinator.  You will be hearing more from Al as the year progresses.

Thanks again for your volunteer efforts by proving your hours at the Farmers Insurance Open.