1. USGA and local rules apply to all tournaments unless otherwise noted.
  2. This is a 2-player team event and is a combination of a scramble and better ball of partners.
  3. 85% of full course handicap at current index
  4. Teams pick the best drive to use for their second shot. This includes par 3’s. Five (5) drives must be used from each partner. A record of who’s drive was used by hole must be present and obvious on the scorecard. Small x’s are recommended. Not providing evidence on the scorecard will disqualify the team.
  5. Balls may be lifted, cleaned and placed within one club length of the selected ball. No improvement of lie condition is allowed. Each player will hit their second shot from that spot.
  6. After the second shot is hit, each player plays his own ball, as it lies, until holed.
  7. Select the best NET score of the twosome for each hole and record in the space provided on the card.