The primary purpose of the TPMGC Player Selection System (PSS) is to select players for a tournament at the Torrey Pines courses when an event is oversubscribed. The system is designed to give each member a fair opportunity to play in club tournaments. Normally, this will mean that a member who signs up to play will not miss more than one event in a row.

The PSS uses an Excel based process with templates, embedded formulas and macros (mini-programs) that ranks players by board members, special volunteers, previous waitlist, previous tournament play, and penalty information, in that order.

TPMGC Board members and special volunteers, as identified by the board, will be given first preference in assignments to events.

TPMGC members who remain on the waitlist through the last corresponding Torrey Pines event (Weekend to Weekend and Weekday to Weekday) will be given second preference in assignments to events.

TPMGC members who did not sign up for the last Torrey Pines corresponding event will be given third preference for assignment.

TPMGC members who played in the last Torrey Pines corresponding event, or who were selected on the original tee sheet but later cancelled, will be given fourth preference for assignment into the next Torrey Pines event.

Members who have three or more incidents of slow play will be assigned later tee times. Members who are on penalty status because of a prior no-show or late cancellation will be removed from consideration for the tee sheet.

A special condition exists for those tournaments spread over two days, such as the Wednesday/Thursday weekday play. In these cases the waitlist is split into three brackets and ranked. A player may request to be moved from one waitlist to another, but surrenders their original priority and is assigned the lowest priority for that bracket.

Lastly, when the Torrey Pines courses are in high demand, such as after a special event (ie. Farmers Ins Open), the PSS will limit players priority to only playing in one of the tournaments. This allows the maximum amount of members to play when the courses are at their best.