New Website Additions

February 27, 2022

We have recently added some new website functions we hope our members will find interesting, informative and/or helpful.  The new functions are:

Homepage Alert Banner – this one is hard to miss.  Periodically at the top of the homepage you will see a red banner with information about newsworthy items.  The types of information in the banner might include weather information for upcoming tournaments (such as policy on rain), information on newly added news items, or recent updates to tournament rules or club policies.  The alert banner will generally be displayed for a duration of a week or two, or until the event under discussion is in the past, such as a tournament rain warning.

Update of Member Profile Information – up until now, our website has not offered the capability to update one’s email address, mailing address, or phone number.  This capability is now supported, however, changes to one’s personal contact info must be made via  After logon to our website, members who access MY ACCOUNT and select EDIT INFO will see “Edit E-mail” following their email address.  Selecting “Edit E-mail” will take them to the website. 

After logon at, members may select MY PROFILE under their name in the upper right corner of the display, to make changes to their GHIN profile information.  These changes will be saved to the GHIN database but won’t immediately affect website info.  GHIN profile changes will eventually be copied to our website and our Golf Genius software but only after we manually perform imports of member information.  This generally occurs every time we get a new member or on a timetable of no more than once a week.  After you make a change to your GHIN profile, please be patient, the changes will eventually be transferred to our website and Golf Genius, it just may take a couple of days to happen (with a maximum of 7 days).

On March 6th, all member email addresses were copied from GHIN to our website for the first time since the initial launch of our website. If you received an email notification that your website email changed it’s because for various reasons your GHIN email address was changed after our initial launch in December 2020. Some members received an email change notification because their GHIN email and website email had differences in capitalization. We will fix our website software so capitalization differences aren’t recognized as an email change since using upper or lower case in an email address doesn’t matter.

My Stats – we have a new display that can be viewed after logon by selecting the pulldown MY STATS under MY ACCOUNT.  The list you will see are all of the tournaments you participated in for any selected year and the payouts you received for each (or $0.00 for no payout).  At the bottom of the list is a running total of money awards for the year selected.

Tournament Award Totals – after logon, select the pulldown TOURNAMENT AWARD TOTALS located under TOURNAMENTS to view the top 50 award totals for the past 12 months. The list is composed of the members with the 50 highest money totals among all those who have played both weekday and weekend tournaments (the totals exclude proximity and skins payouts).  At the bottom of this list, you will find two software buttons.  One is to view a list of the top 50 award winners for past 12 months but only for weekend tournament participants. The next software button is a similar list but only for those who participated in weekday tournaments.