Important News For Tournament Players

Your board works hard to put on tournaments and to ensure they are run fairly.  In addition to being familiar with USGA rules of golf, it is important for you to understand rules and processes specific to our club.


As we transition from COVID to some normalcy, there will be some adjustments to our golf rules.  When we play a course with rakes in the bunkers, play the ball as it lies.  Until further notice, if your ball ends up in an unmaintained area of the bunker such as a footprint, pick up the ball, rake that part of the bunker, and place your ball where it was.  You may not move a plugged ball unless it is in an unmaintained area.

Scorekeeping on Golf Genius (GG)

Golf Genius replaces scorecards as the official record of your score.  When we used scorecards, once you signed it and left the golf course, you could not change it.  Your score was final.  The same is true with GG.  After completing your round, all members of the foursome should immediately verify their scores on each hole and total scores are correct.  The time you enter your final scores is your official finish time and is used to track pace of play. If you find errors in your Golf Genius scores after initially entering them, you may take time to correct the scores.  This should take no more than 15 minutes. Once you have left the golf course, your score cannot be changed.  If you failed to enter your score for one or more holes, you will be DQ’d.  If you run into any technical problems with entering your scores, you must immediately contact the Tournament Coordinator or another Board Member and explain the problem.

Tournament E-mails

It is important that each golfer read all emails from the Tournament Coordinators as they can contain important information about the tournament you are about to play in including items such as lift, clean and place (or lack thereof).

If you receive a tournament email, that means you signed up for the tournament.  If you did not intend to sign up or if someone else signed you, up don’t ignore these emails.  Cancel your entry.

Pace of Play

Golf Genius allows us to track the pace of play for each foursome.  We will no longer be using time clocks.  Once enough data is captured, the club will introduce a new pace of play policy.  Sometimes you do not have control over how long it takes to complete your round if the course is playing slow.  You can control the gap between you and the group ahead of you.  Some things you can do to minimize the gap include continuous putting and proceeding to the next tee while your playing partners finishing putting. That metric will be the key data point used to identify pace of play violators.  Always keep up with the group in front of you!