Order Complimentary Bag Tag

Members, as previously announced this year’s member gift is a new complimentary TPMGC METAL BAG TAG!

These are now available to order online (beginning today July 28,  2023).  The deadline to order is no later than August 15, 2023.  You will be notified by email when the bag tags will be available for pick up at the Torrey Pines Pro Shop.   Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Shipping is not available for this item.  Only one bag tag per member.  There is no charge for this order.  Please use the following link to order: 

TPMGC Members Only Membership Bag Tag – The Golf Shop at Torrey Pines (shoptorreypines.com)

Any questions, please contact

Bob Hood bob@hoodpromotions.com or Justin Coxsey at the Pro Shop coxsey1010@yahoo.com>

Note: Currently members may only order one complimentary bag tag. After all have ordered and picked up their tags, the pro shop website will be changed to allow members to purchase additional bag tags.

Purchase Club Logo Merchandise

Members may purchase Torrey Pines Men’s Golf Club logo shirts/hats online at the The Golf Shop at Torrey Pines website. You may make logo merchandise purchases either with a credit card or member account funds. To add member account funds to your member account visit our ADD FUNDS Webpage.

All orders must to be placed through the pro shop websiteThis merchandise is not available for purchase in the pro shop.   You may prepay for the merchandise on the pro shop’s secure website, with a credit card, or a certificate from your members account/prize fund.  Use our Website to Request a Certificate for the amount of the purchase, it will be sent to the pro shop.  They will hold your certificate and apply it when you pick up your order.  The pro shop will notify you by email when your order is ready to be picked up.  Because these are special orders and not in stock at the pro shop plan on a minimum 2-3 weeks for the orders to be fulfilled. 

Men’s Club Nike hats and Nike shirts are available in an array of colors and sizes.  To see the full line or order merchandise go to The Golf Shop at Torrey Pines.