Club Championship

  1. USGA and local rules apply to all tournaments unless otherwise noted.
  2. Must have been a member for previous 12 months and played in 3 tournaments in that time.
  3. This is a multiple round event. First round is medal play to determine the cut. Subsequent rounds are match play at single elimination. Semi-final and final matches may be played on the same day.
  4. There will be 4 flights. Low index golfers, as determined by Tournament Chairman, will be placed in the championship flight and play at scratch, unless otherwise requested by player. A higher index player may request to play in the championship flight at scratch, but is at the final discretion of the Tournament Chairman.
  5. Three net flights equally populated as best possible. Low index is used, and determines flighting. Pairings are determined by the Tournament Chairman, but typically have similar index players grouped together where possible.
  6. Cut is the lowest 16 players in each flight after first day. Tee times for next round will be announced on the website as soon as possible upon conclusion of the round.
  7. All players in the same flight must play from the same tee.
  8. All ties during match play will be played out to best extent possible as allowed by the course.
  9. Monetary awards are given to players making the cut. Plaques are given to Gross and Net flight winners. The Gross champion is considered the Club Champion.