Board Tournaments Policy Effective October 1, 2017

The following Board Tournaments are considered major tournaments and will be under the control of the board of directors. Plans for these tournaments must be coordinated with the Tournament Coordinator and are subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Results, including identification of all members who will be sponsored into SCGA tournaments, and a Tournament Summary including the numbers of players, funds collected and paid and all penalties, will be reported to Board.

• TPMGC Club Championship
• TPMGC Senior Club Championship
• TPMGC SCGA Better Ball of Partners Weekend Qualifier
• TPMGC SCGA Better Ball of Partners Weekday Qualifier
• Weekend Turkey Shoot
• Thursday Turkey shoot

Board Tournament Subsidy

Before the beginning of the fiscal year, October 1, the Board of Directors shall approve yearly subsidies for the Weekend and Weekday Tournament Committees. The Tournament Committees are then required to submit a budget allocating their subsidies for all of their scheduled tournaments to the Board for approval no later than the September Board Meeting. Deviations from the submitted plan for individual tournaments that are either over or under 10% of the approved subsidy plan must be approved by the Board.

Eligibility for Board Tournaments

Since board tournaments carry greater importance, they have different eligibility requirements than regular tournaments. To be eligible to play, you must be an active member for 1 year on the date of the event and have played in at least three club tournaments at Torrey Pines during the prior 12 months. If a Board Tournament is oversubscribed, Board Members will have first preference. After that, the Priority Selection System will be used to select layers randomly without regard to any prior play status. All other tournaments are under the control of the respective tournament committee and conducted under the Tournament Procedures document found in the Group Info tabs under Weekday Tournaments and Weekend Tournaments.