Best Ball of A/B and C/D

  1. USGA and local rules apply to all tournaments unless otherwise noted.
  2. This is a 4-player team event
  3. Each player plays his own ball and records a gross score for every hole
  4. 85% of course handicap at current index
  5. One score card will be kept for each foursome
  6. Form pairs as follows: the 2 lowest handicap players of the foursome will be the A & B pair. The remaining 2 players will be the C & D pair. The lowest handicap will be the A player and on up to the D player who will be the highest handicap player
  7. The A player will be the first player listed on the card with the B, C and D players following in order
  8. Select the best NET score of EACH PAIR for each hole, add them together and record in the space provided on the card just beneath the player’s names and in the column of the hole played
  9. At the end of the round total the BEST BALL NET scores, record the result in the space provided on the card.
  10. A variation of this game is played exactly the same except A pairs with D and B pairs with C.