DateLocationEventFirst ShiftPrioritiesSignup Deadline
04-Jan (Wed)TPNStableford (Cart Path Only)Marc SorensenN/A23-Dec-22
05-Jan (Thurs)TPNStableford (Cart Path Only)Ray MarcianoN/A23-Dec-22
15-Feb(Wed)TPNModified StablefordPatrick MagnerN/A3-Feb-23
16-Feb(Thurs)TPNModified StablefordAl AllisonN/A3-Feb-23
01-Mar (Wed)TPSBest Ball of 4Ray MarcianoN/A17-Feb-23
02-Mar(Thurs)TPSBest Ball of 4Marc SorensenN/A17-Feb-23
15-Mar (Wed.)TPNIndividualRay MarcianoN/A3-Mar-23
16-Mar (Thurs)TPNIndividualAl AllisonN/A3-Mar-23
22-Mar (Wed)TPNBB A/B & C/DPatrick MagnerN/A10-Mar-23
23-Mar(Thurs)TPNBB A/B & C/DRay MarcianoN/A10-Mar-23
19-Apr (Wed)TPNSCGA BB Partners QualifierRay MarcianoN/A8-Apr-23
20-Apr (Thurs)TPNSCGA BB Partners QualifierRay MarcianoN/A8-Apr-23
26-Apr (Wed) TPSModified StablefordGerry OMalleyN/A14-Apr-23
27-Apr (Thur)TPSModified StablefordMarc SorensenN/A14-Apr-23
17-May (Wed)TPN2 Person ShambleRay MarcianoN/A5-May-23
18-May (Thur)TPN2 Person ShambleGerry OmalleyN/A5-May-23
24-May (Wed)TPSBB of Partners GT CupRay MarcianoN/A13-May-23
25-May (Thur)TPSBB of Partners GT CupMarc SorensenN/A13-May-23
31-May (Wed)TPNGrand Torrey QualifierRay MarcianoN/A20-May-23
1-Jun (Thurs)TPNGrand Torrey QualifierMarc SorensenN/A20-May-23
21-Jun (Wed)TPNSenior Championship Rd 1 Patrick MagnerN/A10-Jun-23
22-Jun (Thurs)TPNSenior Championship Rd 1 Gerry OMalleyN/A10-Jun-23
28-Jun (Wed)TPSSenior Championship Rd 2 Ray Marciano N/A16-Jun-23
29-Jun (Thurs)TPSSenior Championship Rd 2 Marc SorensenN/A16-Jun-23
5-Jul (Wed)TPNIndividual Ray Marciano Train S. Locke N/A 24-Jun-23
6-Jul (Thurs)TPNIndividual Marc Sorenson N/A 24-Jun-23
19-Jul (Wed)TPNModified Stableford Ray Marciano N/A 7-July-23
20-Jul (Thurs)TPNModified StablefordMarc Sorensen N/A  7-July-23
2-Aug (Wed)TPSInvitational – Grand/Torrey Cup NO MARSHAL N/A 20-July-23
2-Aug (Wed)TPNIndividual  Steve Locke  N/A 20-July-23
3-Aug (Thurs)TPNIndividual   Stephen Lee Train Gerry Wenz N/A 20-July-23
16-Aug (Wed)TPSIndividual  Ray Marciano  N/A 2-Aug-23
17-Aug (Thurs)TPSIndividualGerry Wenz N/A 2-Aug-23
23-Aug (Wed)TPN1 BB of 4 Ray Marciano N/A 10-Aug-23
24-Aug (Thurs)TPN1 BB of 4 Steve Locke  N/A 10-Aug-23
6-Sep (Wed)TPN2-Man Scramble Ray Marciano train with John Davies  N/A 24-Aug-23
7-Sep (Thurs)TPN2-Man Scramble John Davies  N/A  24-Aug-23
13-Sep (Wed)TPNIndividual Ray Marciano  N/A 1-Sept-23
14-Sep (Thurs)TPNIndividual Gerry Wenz  N/A  1-Sept-23
4-Oct (Wed)TPNModified Stableford Ray Marciano  N/A 21-Sept-23
5-Oct (Thurs)TPNModified Stableford John Davies  N/A  21-Sept-23
11-Oct (Wed)TPNDesignated Ball Plus 1 of 3 Ray Marciano  N/A 28-Sept-23
12-Oct (Thurs)TPNDesignated Ball Plus 1 of 3   N/A 28-Sept-23
25-Oct (Wed)TPNIndividualRay Marciano  N/A 11-Oct-23
26-Oct (Thurs)TPNIndividual   N/A  11-Oct-23
15-Nov (Wed)TPSIndividual Ray Marciano  N/A 1-Nov-23
16-Nov (Thurs)TPSIndividual   N/A 1-Nov-23
6-Dec (Wed)TPNModified Stableford Ray Marciano  N/A 25-Nov-23
7-Dec (Thurs)TPNModified Stableford John Davies  N/A 25-Nov-23

Tournament Weekend Marshaling Schedule

DateLocationEventFirst ShiftSecond ShiftSignup Deadline
8-JanTPNStableford (Cart Path Only)Marc SorensenRay Marciano 
19-FebTPSIndividualMarc SorensenRay Marciano 
12-MarTPNIndividualMarc SorensenRay Marciano 
16-AprTPNIndividualMarc SorensenRay Marciano7-Apr
21-MayTPS BB of PartnersMarc SorensenPat Magner12-May
11-JunTPNGrand Torrey QualifierStephen LeeRay Marciano31-May
23-JulTPNIndividual Al Allison  Marc Sorensen 12-July
5-AugTPNPresident’s Cup Ray Marciano JPH-Nate Hockstra 23-July
6-AugTPNPresident’s Cup Ray Marciano Nate Hockstra  23-July
20-AugTPNClub Championship Jim Hartigan CANCEL Ray Marciano CANCEL 6-Aug
27-AugTPNClub ChampionshipJim HartiganRay Marciano 13-Aug
 Jim Hartigan 3-Sept
22-OctTPNLow Net – Discount 2 HolesNate Hockstra  8-Oct
5-NovTPSIndividual Stephen LeeNM 23-Oct
12-NovTPSIndividual NM 27-Nov