Weekend Group Info
Tournament Information
All information about weekend tournaments can be found on the Weekend Tournament Schedule page, including signups, cancellations, teetimes, and results. Full information about any tournament can be found by clicking on the tournament name. The majority of tournaments have a web signup, the tournaments that use a mail-in signup are clearly marked on the schedule page.
Tournament Signups
All members who sign up by the deadline are eligible to be selected to play, but signing up does not guarantee a spot in the event, regardless of the order that the signup was received. Tee times/assignments are posted a week before the event. It is the member's responsibility to check the website to see if he/she was selected to play. If selected to play and you can no longer participate you must cancel by Tuesday at 11:59pm using the tournament cancellation form to avoid a penalty fee.
Tournament Rules and Handicaps
Tournament rules will be determined by the chairman and posted prior to the event on the Tournament Detail page. The current index as close as practical for the event will be used for most events. Low index of the last 12 months is used only for the President's Cup and Club Championship.
Tournament Fees and Prizes
All entry fees are returned via the prize fund plus each event has a subsidy to enhance the payouts. Tournament results are posted within 72 hours of the event being completed. Prize awards are posted to the member accounts 7-10 days after the event so members may review the posted results and report any errors to the tournament chairman. There are net prizes and gross prizes awarded in each event with the exception of the Turkey Shoot. Winners of the flights in the President's Cup and Club Championship along with the Better Ball and Senior Champion will have their name listed on the Award Board. The winner of the gross flight in the Club Championship will be deemed the Club Champion
Tournament Score Posting
It is the member's responsibility to post their score for each event. Usually the individual events are posted as a T score, while the other events are posted as a Regular score. The tournament detail page shows the posting type for each tournament.
Eligibility for Club Championship and Senior Club Championship
In order to be eligible for the Club Championship and the Senior Club Championship, a member has to be on the club's active membership list by January 1st of the tournament year.
If you have any additional questions/comments/concerns about the weekend group, please contact the Weekend Chairman