Penalty Criteria
Effective 1 April, 2014
Due to the large membership population of TPMGC, it is the duty of the tournament administrators to ensure that tournament spots are fairly distributed during oversubscribed events, and to make sure that all allocated tournament spots are used. It is the member's responsibility to periodically check the tee time assignments to see if they have been assigned a tee time. Members who remain on the wait list after Tee assignments have been made are agreeing to take any tee time which may become available. Members that are allocated a tournament spot or are assigned from the wait list, and then fail to cancel by the deadline will be subject to the late cancellation penalty.

First occurrence will be subject to a $25 penalty and automatic suspension from playing the next Torrey Pines event. The next occurrence will be subject to a $25 penalty and automatic suspension from the next two Torrey Pines tournaments. Any additional occurrences will be subject to a $25 penalty and suspension to the next four Torrey Pines tournaments. This policy is in effect for 2014 and applies to all tournaments home and away.
Players who have an outstanding, unpaid penalty will be unable to signup for or participate in any events until their fine is paid. Email the tournament chairman to sign up for non Torrey Pines events during suspension and after paying the penalty. See the Current Penalty List for more information.
Weekday and Weekend Tournaments: Check tournament signup sheet for cancellation deadlines.
Cancellations can be made using the Tournament Cancellation tab on the signup sheet by 6:00 pm of the last day to cancel.

No excuses will be accepted if cancellations are made after these times or if the member fails to show up for their tee assignment. An exception will be made if Torrey Pines is closed to carts due to weather condition. The normal closing of the courses to carts to prepare the course for Professional tournaments is not an exception.