Handicap Information Page
Equitable Score Control
All rounds must be adjusted as per the SCGA equitable posting procedures which are as follows:

Current HandicapMaximum Hole Score Allowed
00-09Double Bogey
40 or more10
Handicap Index Adjustment
The Handicap Committee has the responsibility of making certain that a player's Handicap Index reflects his potential scoring ability. Under certain circumstances, it may become necessary for the Handicap Committee to make adjustments to the player's Handicap Index. The Handicap Committee has complete discretion to determine the amount of the adjustment. A penalty score is a score posted by the Handicap Committee for a player who does not return a score or otherwise does not observe the spirit of the USGA Handicap System. A penalty round amounts to a score equal to the lowest round of the last 20 scores posted.
Failure To Post
It is the player's responsibility to post an acceptable score within 48 hours after completion of the round. Failure to post can lead to a penalty round being assessed by the Handicap Chairman. Repeated violations can lead to additional penalty rounds, handicap adjustment, tournament ineligibility or dismissal from the club.
Tournament Posting
All Weekend tournaments are to be posted as a tournament (T) scores. Be sure to check with the Tournament Chairman before posting your round to see if the score should be posted as a Tournament score. Major tournaments requiring a tournament posting are: Club Championship, President's Cup, SCGA Better Ball Partners, Club Senior Championship, and SCGA Team Matches. Most outside tournaments such as the City Amateur Championship and SCGA events must also be posted as Tournament rounds.
Player Manipulating Rounds
If a player manipulates his/her score to influence his/her Handicap Index, the Handicap Committee shall adjust or withdraw his Handicap Index, depending on the severity of the offense. Examples of manipulating scores include, but are not limited to:
  • Posting erroneous scores
  • Stopping play before completion of the round to avoid posting score
  • Not adjusting hole scores under Section 11.1
  • Deliberately reporting more or fewer strokes than actually scored
  • Deliberately taking extra strokes to inflate a score
Reduction of Handicap Index Based on Exceptional Tournament Scores
When a member notices a R after his/her index, this is for a Reduced Handicap. It is done automatically by the SCGA This automatic adjustment of a Handicap Index is for players with two or more exceptional tournament scores in their scoring history. Everyone with a USGA/SCGA Handicap Index is looked at through this process to determine if a reduction is warranted. The player must have a minimum of two eligible tournament score differentials that are at least 3.0 better than their monthly calculated Handicap Index before a reduction may be imposed. If the tournament differentials are accurate, the reduction should not be removed. The duration and variation of the reduction depends on: additional tournament scores; expiration of eligible tournament scores (they are kept for 12 months from the "T" date); total number of tournament games.