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Question: I love this club. I love the camaraderie and I love and respect the effort put into it by the guys that do all the work. I hate the slow play. I hate the fact that I see slow groups with open holes in front of them at every event. While the slow groups can walk up to every tee and play away without waiting the rest of us wait. During the Men's Championships I seen no less than 5 groups at least a hole behind and as I stood on the 11th tee that day I seen 14 and 15 wide open. My back stiffened from waiting all day that day and I damaged it by playing on. I was forced to cancel at Pala Mesa due to my back injury but also made to pay $25.00 to be reinstated. No problem but I think slow players should also be penalized more severely. It is not right that slow players affect the rest of the field. I think a required kart policy should be used in major events at Torrey. I see too many guys struggling to keep up while walking. I hear the same from many members but do not hear them speak up about this problem. I would like a mandatory kart policy to be discussed among the club and maybe a vote on this issue. Karts will speed up play.
Subject: Slow Play
Asked By: Dana P. Dutcher
Answered By:

Question: Although I'm not able to find the club rules regarding increasing our fees, the thought of being force fed a "modest" increase of 20% without any membership input or vote seems out of line.
I do not recall seeing any discussion or heads up in the April or July newsletters about a future increase.
However, the April newsletter stated in the "Finance Report" section, "The TPMGC continues to be in good financial position. We are on budget for membership as we approach 1200 members."
If we were in good financial shape in the spring/summer, why are seeing a 20% increase in our dues.
$15 times 1,200 members equates to $18,000. What are we getting for $18,000?
I was told it was to increase the tournament prize money.
How many of the 1,200 members actually play in tournaments? I, like many of our members, stopped playing in tournaments because of slow play.
Why should all the members be paying more so the minority can benefit?
Subject: Dues

Club rules do not contain anything about membership dues increases. That is left up to the Board of Directors. The SCGA increased their fees to us slightly this year. The Board felt that a slight increase of dues was warranted, especially in light of the fact that they were actually lowered last year. The additional revenue is being put into 3 areas: increased tournament prize money, a new technology committee (we are losing our long time board member and web administrator) and legal (we incurred unforeseen legal costs this past year).

The reason for the existence of the TPMGC is to put on terrific golf tournaments for our members. In addition we do charitable work and donate money to various charities in San Diego. Quite frankly, I am not sure why you would want to belong to the TPMGC if you do not play golf with us. If it is to simply carry a handicap, I am sure there are many golf clubs in San Diego where you could find membership for less. The reason you give for not playing, "slow play," was resolved long ago. Our rounds are now within the 4 1/2 hour range and the staff at Torrey Pines routinely acknowledge our terrific Pace of Play.

Hope this answers your question and concerns.

Asked By: Graham Sterling
Answered By: Mike Berg (11/1/2016)

Question: Simple Golf Etiquette
Subject: Golf course rules
Answer: I hope you post this to our forum. I am concerned about the lack of golf course etiquette during events. Those of us that understand the do's and don'ts are bothered by those that do not. Some may be there for fun but must understand that some of us take competition seriously. It's not fair to those of us that take this game seriously to be adversely affected by those who don't. Let me explain the do not's and make this simple.
1. Do not stand behind people when they are teeing off. (The tee is not yours)
2. Do not move around or stand in someone's through line when they are playing a shot. (They see you and it bothers them)
3. Do not stand behind people (or in their view) when they are putting. (putting is hard enough w/o watching you moving around)
4. Leave your cell phone in your car or turn off the ringer.

These are simple rules in good etiquette. They are not extreme but simply courteous.
Asked By: Dana Dutcher
Answered By: Mike Berg (4/11/2016)

Question: First of all, I must note that I plan to vote against the Petition Group’s term-limits plan as written, although I would support a three-term (6-year) limit. I have voiced this view to Petition Group leader Joe Burwell, as well as board members and regular playing partners Brian Dresser and Jim Kerr, and several fellow TPMGC members. However, I am appalled by your questionable attempt to derail an orderly and legal effort by the Petition Group to put this issue before the membership.
Instead of putting the Petition Group’s plan to a vote, as required by club rules, you have announced plans to require the plan to win two elections to be put in effect, something definitely not required by club rules. You did this by requiring a majority vote initially on whether any term limits should be imposed. This, in effect, creates a “double-elimination” situation for you and the board, while the Petition Group is playing a “single-elimination” game. You can lose the first vote and still have a chance to win a subsequent vote on the board’s plan; the Petition Group is not afforded the same opportunity. I ask you why this is necessary? If you are truly interested in what is best for the club, you should have faith that your supporters can convince the membership of just that. Instead, you spend the members’ money having an attorney come up with the nefarious plan outlined in your message to the members.
I hope the board refuses to back your unfair efforts and allows a straight yes or no on the Petition Group’s plan.
Subject: Term Limits
Answer: Lynn..
I'm sorry you feel that we are not playing fair. That is not the intent of either myself or the Board. Not having been faced with this situation before, we felt it prudent to get the advice of our attorney before proceeding. I am extremely concerned about the future of our club should the Petition Group's efforts pass. It would require that the majority of the Board step down and new members come in with no experience. Although some of their members feel differently, I can assure you that there are jobs on the Board that one just cannot step into without some training. Imagine if the majority of the Board walked away tomorrow. Who would set up the tournaments, run the tournaments, post the results, handle the finances, set up the pay pal accounts for membership, take care of issuing player gift certificates and so on. Well, that is exactly what would happen if this were to pass. Am I being an alarmist? Not at all. I am simply looking out for the best interests of the membership at large, and not simply trying to protect my position on the Board. Hope you can understand that.
If you have any questions or wish to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.
Asked By: Lynn Mucken
Answered By: Mike Berg (9/1/2015)

Question: I have talked to some of the club members over the past few weeks about the away schedule. I have yet to find one member that is in favor of the current Monday or Tuesday away playing schedule. The club has been for years playing on Thursday. Many have other conflicting items on their schedules on Monday and Tuesday. There are many golf courses that would be happy to schedule the Torrey Club on Thursday. Over the years many of us have developed other golf or items for our schedule. Perhaps a vote on this should be done. I have forwarded this to some of those concerned about next years schedule. I understand contracts are in place and this year is closed to change. But next year it can be adjusted. I do not see any reason to be playing Balboa on Monday or Tuesday. If they do not have an open day for our club, we can surely find one that does. Will those who agree with this move back to Thursdays play please send a message to the Board members. Also talk to them when you see them at the course. Would those who agree with my stance on this please rely to this mail. You can reach the Board at: I do believe all members of the club should be notified and be able to express their view. So pass this on to other members.
Patrick Dougherty Member: Torrey Pines MGC
Subject: Weekday Schedule
Answer: I am in receipt of this email as well as a few others that have been sent in on the same topic. Feel free to email me regarding this if you'd like, but it really isn't necessary at this point. I can see by all the names on your email that it affects a significant number of you. There have not been any discussions by the Board concerning next year's schedule. However, as you are aware, we will be losing out on the North Course so our play at "home" is going to be significantly reduced. Seeing how many of you have voiced an opinion at this point, I will put this topic on the Agenda for next month's Board meeting.
Asked By: Patrick Doughtery
Answered By: Mike Berg (8/31/2015)

Subject: Weekday Play
Question: I prefer Wednesday or Thursday play. I'm with a group that plays on Mondays or Tuesday. (John Beaver)
Question: I agree with the message sent out concerning weekday tournaments. The board position called the Thursday tournament chairman should schedule the events on Thursday! (Brian Robbins)
Question: Please make Thursday you primary day to play golf. Avoid Mondays and Tuesday (Claude Gigoux)
Question: Thursday Golf is a MUST! (Art Pederson)
Question: Playing Torrey on Thursday is great and Balboa on Weds too. Lets keep it this way. (Gary Paluso)
Question: i am in favor of returning to a wed/thurs schedule for away venues next year even if it means restricting our course options. (Mike Maloney)
Question: I agree with Patrick's recommendation to keep offsite events scheduled for Thursday. (Larry Jones)
Question: Please consider my vote for keeping the away schedule on Thursdays. It makes everything else in my life so much easier to manage if I never have to wonder if I'm golfing on Thursday or Tuesday. (Blake Baxter)
Answer: Thank you for your letter. The Board will discuss this at the next meeting.
Answered By: Mike Berg (8/31/2015)

Question: I don't know why there is an issue with the men's club, you guys do a great job. Every event I play in goes off without a hitch.
Subject: Term Limits
Answer: Thanks for your letter.
Asked By: Bob Scalese
Answered By: Mike Berg (8/21/2015)

Question: This (letter to the membership) was well thought out and presented very nice. Thanks for all you do!
Subject: Term Limits
Answer: Thank you for your letter.
Asked By: Chuck Gallant
Answered By: Mike Berg (8/21/2015)

Question: I am always astounded by those who "want" without realizing the contributions made on their behalf. So many county golfers are envious of our "getting" tee-times at Torrey. Some members seem to think these events organize themselves, I guess? My foursome support "no term limits". And I agree that TPMGC would suffer irreparable damage from such petty complaints, and encourage more disruptions.
Subject: Term Limits
Answer: Thank you for your letter.
Asked By: Michael E. Smith
Answered By: Mike Berg (8/21/2015)

Question: First I want to thank you for your time and effort that you put into the TPMGC.
I am behind you and the other board members 100%. I don’t think term limits are necessary. If you and other board members, wish to keep working on your own time to make the TPMGC run smoothly. I am all for it. Anyone that wishes can run for open board seats. I, for one, do not have the time to put into the club management, so I appreciate your efforts.
I think the board members should get priority in tournaments, as you are putting in countless hours, again for which I am grateful.
The people running the petition have very right to run for the open board seats. And I would encourage them to do so.
I will come to that meeting in November and vote against term limits.
Subject: Term Limits
Answer: Thank you for your letter.
Asked By: Tim Mercer
Answered By: Mike Berg (8/21/2015)

Question: I think you guys are doing a great job and am truly sorry that you have been put through this experience. The current board had my full support and I am more than happy to vote for the proposal the board comes up with. It is clear from the tenor and structure of their communications that they wish to pursue their own aggrandizement rather than the well being of the club.
Subject: Term Limits
Answer: Thank you for your letter
Asked By: Jerry Cotton
Answered By: Mike Berg (8/21/2015)

Question: An open letter to the Membership
I find the back and forth bickering between a few of the Members and the Board very disturbing and a little sad and I have been and still am reluctant to take any side in the matters being discussed. I do know that in any Club the size of TPMGC there will be differences of opinions, misconceptions and even some abuse’s. I feel very uneasy that a group of TPMGC Members felt it necessary to form an outside agency to attack the Board rather than requesting a Special Meeting of the Membership or attending in force any regular Board meeting.
BUT, never being at a loss for words and always up for a good debate I feel obligated to bring my thoughts to the page. As far as “The Petition” goes it seems to be the same old much ado about nothing as the Club is running well enough to put on over 150 tournament days yearly (approx. 13,000 players) and has ample cash reserves. It also occurs to me that if the signers of “The Petition” really want to replace anyone or have a voice on the Board all they have to do is show up for the Election and nominate their people for Director or Directors and VOTE. As to my recollection this has been done on three occasions in the past 15 years. While it is true certain members have been serving the Club for several years, they do the jobs nobody else really wants to do and which demands the most time out of their lives. I do applaud the Boards efforts to clarify the points covered in “The Petition” and regret the adversarial tone of some of the correspondence.
Having said all that I am left wondering about the cause that called for a petition in the first place, has any member been treated unfairly in any manner. I hope not. I also have to ask if any grievance was brought before the Board prior to “The Petition” being circulated. I was contacted by both the Board and the petitioner’s asking my opinion on Term Limits for Directors. My response was and still is “There has not been a need for the changing of the Bylaw’s to set any Term Limits since the founding of the Club and I see no legitimate argument for Term Limits now”.
In any case it is and always will be difficult to please all 1250 members all the time, while fulfilling all the City required conditions and running more tournaments than any other Club on a Public Course in the U.S., so please Gentlemen let’s find a solution to this distraction and enjoy the game of GOLF.
Subject: Term Limits
Answer: Thank you for your letter.
Asked By: John “JB” Buckley
A Proud Member for 18 years
Past President
Past Secretary
Past Director
Answered By: Mike Berg (8/20/2015)

Question: I do not support the petition for term limits as outlined in the recent email from …?
1) The tee-time advantage and a dinner is little reward for the many hours donated for the welfare of the many. Having served on “boards” before, the aggravation, time away from family and hearing the complaints of the ignorant certainly deserves more recognition than “Thanks for your service!”
2) Finding willing and knowledgable participants to volunteer for such board positions is hard enough without injecting “TERM LIMITS” or other such political nonsense!
3) Longtime serving board members add knowledge, stability and consistency that reduce disgruntled, bitter complaining about trivial issues such as outlined in the petition.
Above all…. Thanks guys for ALL the hard work and toleration of the ignorant!
Subject: Term Limits
Answer: Thank you for your letter.
Asked By: Michael E Smith
Answered By: Mike Berg (8/20/2015)

Question: This is not a question, but I would personally like to thank all you guys for what you do. You make my membership enjoyable. Lot's of work goes into running this club and I want you all to know I appreciate all your hard work.
Subject: Regarding board members and tournament organizers
Answer: Thank you Dana. You're correct, a lot of work does go into the running of this club. It is done behind the scenes with countless hours of volunteer work by a number of dedicated board members and volunteers from the club that give of their free time. Glad you're enjoying your membership, as that's the reason we all do this!
Asked By: Dana Dutcher
Answered By: Mike Berg (8/13/2015)

Question: At the top of the TPMCG forum page is the disclaimer: "Please note, the Board of Directors reserves the right not to publish submissions to the Forum or to modify or delete language from said submissions"
This makes me wonder if the forum is a member's forum or the director's forum? If the board get to edit and withhold the questions, then how does the membership ever get an opportunity to discuss topics that the board of director's doesn't necessarily want to be discussed?
Being edited for "language" is perhaps reasonable - as long as the edits are being made to remove expletives and potentially inflammatory speech. However, I'm concerned that the "editing" may be more akin to censorship rather than propriety.
If there is another forum for the members to air their ideas and opinions that perhaps go against the status quo or the currently sitting board, where might that be?
Subject: Whose forum is this?
Answer: This is the Forum for the membership to ask questions. Questions may be modified or deleted due to inflammatory or derogatory language. We are not looking to censor the membership's ability to ask questions of the Board. I am not aware of another forum for members to air their ideas and opinions but you are always free to ask if one exists or start one of your own.
Asked By: John Keefe
Answered By: Mike Berg (7/27/2015)

Question: Should the TPMGC institute Term Limits for Board Members?
Subject: Term Limits
Answer: Attached are two documents. The first was generated at the request of TPMGC President Michael Berg to evaluate a Petition from a group calling itself the TPMGC Petition 2014 Group. It is from the Past Presidents of TPMGC, named the Past President's Council (PPC). It also contains the original Petition generated by the Petition Group. The second document is a response by the TPMGC Petition 2014 Group to the PPC report.

Document 1- PPC Report/Original Petition
Document 2- Response to PPC Report
Asked By: 2014 Term Limits Petition Group
Answered By: Michael Berg, President (6/30/2015)

Question: I play during the week and noticed that the weekend payouts are 2 to 3 times the amount on weekdays. Is the club subsidizing these tournaments 2 to 3 times as much as weekday? The results never indicated the amount of the subsidy. If the subsidy is higher, why? I understand that the subsidy might be higher since there is only one weekend tournament a month at Torrey compared to 2 on weekdays. However, with the higher demand to get into the tournaments on weekdays, you are really only guaranteed to play once a month. So, there is not a lot of difference in the amount of opportunities to play on weekdays and weekends at Torrey. I would like to see an equal amount of payouts for the weekday and weekend tournaments.
Subject: Tournament Payouts
Answer: Thank you for your email. The reason there is a higher payout for the weekends is two-fold.
1) There are 4 Weekday events per month and only 1 Weekend event. The Board not only subsidizes the Weekday play at Torrey Pines, but also subsidizes the Weekday Away play. Thus, the Weekday players are receiving subsidies 4 times per month and the Weekend players only once; and
2) No member is restricted to playing only Weekday or Weekend events. Unless it is a Major Tournament, members can play either or both. It is on rare occasion that the Weekend events and the Weekday Away events are oversubscribed, so no member should feel that they are only guaranteed once a month play.
Having said this, however, at the next budget meeting we will be discussing increasing weekday subsidies and decreasing weekend subsidies in appropriate amounts.
Asked By: Stephen Shushan
Answered By: Mike Berg (5/11/2015)

Question: How about a location on the website to sell or trade our equipment, merchandise or script?
Subject: Web Marketplace
Answer: Terrific idea. We will take it up at the next board meeting.
Asked By: Thomas Farley
Answered By: Mike Berg (5/11/2015)