Scramble - 2 Man - Weekend Group
Date Dec 13, 2020
Signups AcceptedNov 13, 2020 - Nov 30,2020
Cancellations AcceptedNov 30, 2020 - Dec 09, 2020
Golf Course TP North
Tournament Type Two man Scramble
Start TimesTee Times
Entry Fee$15
Tournament Chairman Johnnie Donnelly
Subsidy Amount $1250
Posting TypeNo Post
Index TypeCurrent Index
Tournament Notes
  • When you sign up as a foursome, first two are partners, second two are partners. As a three-some, first two are partners, third a single.
  • CH = 35% low + 15% of high. Max stroke max diff = 8, high will be adjusted.
  • Rough is expected to be long.

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