2 Man Scramble South - Weekday Group
Date May 2, 2019
Signups AcceptedApr 06, 2019 - Apr 19,2019
Cancellations AcceptedApr 19, 2019 - Apr 24, 2019
Golf Course TP South
Tournament Type 2 Man Scramble
Start TimesTeetimes
Entry Fee$5
Tournament Chairman Bob Hood
Subsidy Amount $400
Posting TypeTournament
Index TypeCurrent Index
Tournament Notes
This is a 2 player team event. Divide the team into players A (Lower Handicap) and B. Multiply Player A handicap by 0.35, Player B by 0.15 and round off to 1 decimal place. Add the products together to get the 2 player team handicap, rounded to 1 decimal place. The team gross score for each hole must be recorded in the space provided on the score card beneath the player’s names of the hole played. Each player shall tee off. Pick the best shot. Balls may be lifted, cleaned and placed within one club length of the selected ball. Each will hit from that spot The 1 club-length rule must be applied as follows: Cannot be used to remove ball from a hazard Cannot be used to remove ball from a bunker Cannot be used to move ball from rough to fairway Cannot be used to move ball onto the green Cannot be used on the green Can be used to get relief from a tree or divot etc Play continues in this fashion until the team has reached the green Upon reaching the green, mark the ball of choice. Each player will putt from that spot continuing until the ball is holed. A player may tap in a close putt before his partner attempts the putt. If the partner then makes his putt, the tap-in doesn’t count but the partner’s does. If the partner misses his putt, the tap-in then counts. Balls not marked on the green can’t be used as putting choice Continue play as above for the all 18 holes with each player driving on each hole. At least 6 drives must be used for each player. Par 3 hole drives count KEEP TRACK of the drives used by each player At the end of the round total the gross scores, subtract the team handicap, and record the result in the space provided on the card DO NOT post the score

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