2 Man Scramble - Weekday Group
Date Apr 12, 2018
Signups AcceptedMar 17, 2018 - Mar 30,2018
Cancellations AcceptedMar 30, 2018 - Apr 04, 2018
Golf Course TP South
Tournament Type 2Man Scramble
Start TimesTeetimes
Entry Fee$15
Tournament Chairman Roy Burchill
Subsidy Amount $350
Posting TypeRegular
Index TypeCurrent Index
Tournament Notes
Cancellation date: April 4, 2018 6 PM.Course will be aerated on April 10 and 11 so greens will be very sandy. If you are selected, this tournament will not be used for the priority system for the next Torrey tournament. Priority System will be used for this tournament. Rules for 2 Person Scramble Single players can play but are not eligible for awards Teams will be divided into players A (Lower Handicap) and B. Player A handicap calculated by 0.35, Player B by 0.15 and rounded off to 1 decimal place. The 2 player team handicap will be the results of each players handicap added together. The team gross score for each hole must be recorded in the space provided on the score card beneath the player’s names of the hole played Each player shall tee off. Pick the best shot. Balls may be lifted, cleaned and placed within one club length of the selected ball. Each will hit from that spot. The 1 club-length rule must cannot be used to remove ball from a hazard, to remove ball from a bunker to move ball from rough to fairway to move ball onto the green on the green Can be used to get relief from a tree or divot etc but not closer to the hole. Play continues in this fashion until the team has reached the green. Upon reaching the green, mark the ball of choice. Each player will putt from that spot continuing until the ball is holed. A player may tap in a close putt before his partner attempts the putt. If the partner then makes his putt, the tap-in doesn’t count but the partner’s does. If the partner misses his putt, the tap-in then counts. Balls not marked on the green can’t be used as putting choice Continue play as above for the all 18 holes with each player driving on each hole. At least 6 drives must be used for each player. Par 3 hole drives count. Failure to use a minimum of 6 drives per player will subject team to disqualification. TO KEEP TRACK of the drives used by each player mark your team gross score for that hole in the box for the team player whose drive was used. At the end of the round total the gross scores, subtract the team handicap, and record the result in the space provided on the card DO NOT post the score Must report to starter minimum of 1/2 Hour before scheduled Tee time. First member on card collects $15 entry fee per person and has available for the money collectors. Use time clock to stamp your start and finish times on the back of the scorecard. Do not stamp your card until all members of your foursome have completed the 18th hole. Cards without this information will be disqualified. Please add your scores before placing your scorecard in the box next to 18 green. If you wish to use our online scoring app, and you have a smart phone,please go to your app store and download Golf Genius app. Open the app at the course and enter your pass code in all CAPS. This is printed in the lower right hand corner of your scorecard in all Caps. Follow the prompts and keep score for all members of your foursome.

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