Low Net Torrey Pines North Pinehurst - Weekday Group
Date Aug 31, 2017
Signups AcceptedAug 05, 2017 - Aug 18,2017
Cancellations AcceptedAug 18, 2017 - Aug 23, 2017
Golf Course TP North
Tournament Type Pinehurst
Start TimesTeetimes
Entry Fee$15
Tournament Chairman Bob Hood
Subsidy Amount $350
Posting TypeNo Post
Index TypeCurrent Index
Tournament Notes
NOTE CANCELLATION DATE WITHOUT PENALTY IS 8-23...Because course is being aerated 8/23, format is changed to Pinehurst which is a partner tournament. Both players tee off. For the 2nd shot, Player A hits Player B's tee ball and Player B hits Player A's ball. You then select one of those to use for your 3rd shot.Member who did not hit that shot plays 3rd shot. You then play alternate shot until holing the ball. Two stroke penalty if you hit out of turn. Tournament Fee is $15 to be collected on the first tee and have ready for money collectors

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