SCGA Better Ball of Partners - Weekday Group
Date May 4, 2017
Signups AcceptedApr 08, 2017 - Apr 21,2017
Cancellations AcceptedApr 21, 2017 - Apr 26, 2017
Golf Course TP North
Tournament Type SCGA Better Ball of Partners
Start TimesTeetimes
Entry Fee$10
Tournament Chairman Bob Hood
Subsidy Amount $1440
Posting TypeTournament
Index TypeCurrent Index
Tournament Notes
Cancellation date April 26, 2017 6 PM. Priority System will not be used. A random draw from all entries will be used. Please check in with the Starter at least 30 minutes before your tee time and be on the tee box 10 minutes before your tee time. If you are in line please go to the window and let the starter know you are TPMGC Member and you are on the tee sheet. A 10% reduction to your course handicap will be applied to all players. If there is more than 8 strokes difference between you and your partners course handicap an additional 10% reduction will be applied. If you or your partner has an index higher than 18.4 you will not be eligible to qualify for the SCGA tournament. You will be in the fourth flight. First member on card collects $10 entry fee per person and have available for the money collectors. Record your start, turn and finish times at the time clocks. Cards without this information will be disqualified. Please add your scores before turning in your card. Return scorecards and stamp your finish time at time clock on 18. Do not stamp your card until all members of your foursome have completed the 18th hole Scores will be posted by Tournament Committee do not post your score.

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